Try 5 pieces for 14 days for just $20.

Pregnancy is an ever-changing 9 months. And when things fit different,
KIT hits different. For just $20, you can try on 5 of our best-selling
pieces at home for 14 days. Pay for the pieces you keep and send the
rest back at no charge. Keep all 5 and get 20% off!

What's in your KIT?

Five of our most popular pieces: 2 tops, 1 sports bra, 1 skort, and 1 pair of leggings.

How KIT Works

1. Try on 5 of our best-selling styles at home. All you pay is $20 for two-way shipping! Take up to 14 days to decide which KIT items you’d like to keep/purchase.

2. Love it all? Your initial $20 will be applied toward the total retail price of your KIT, and we’ll give you a 20% discount for keeping all 5 pieces!

3. Don’t want to keep all 5? All good! Pay for the items you keep and ship the rest back to us at no extra Charge.

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