KIT x duoFIT

NEW! Collection by duoFIT Maternity Activewear

Built for Motherhood.

When you order KIT x duoFIT you get 5 pieces of duoFIT, hand-selected by our team, including 2 leggings, 2 tops, and 1 sports bra. You pay $20, which covers a styling fee and the shipping and handling.

You get 14 days to try on your new duoFIT activewear and shop your box. 

If you keep it all 5 pieces, the $20 is applied to the total retail price plus a 21% discount (hello 2021) for keeping all 5. The total retail value of KIT x duoFIT is $307.

Maybe you don't want it all, that's okay! You can pay for what you keep and ship back the remaining pieces.

5 KIT x duoFIT Items include:

  1. Tempest Tie-Front Tank
  2. Bobbi Biker Shorts
  3. Power Ribbed Tank
  4. Carrie Nursing Sports Bra
  5. The Betty Leggings
  • $20.00